ColorOS 12 based on Android 12: release date and eligible devices

ColorOS 12
Source: Piunikaweb

This week, Google released the beta version of Android 12.4.1, which anticipates the release of the stable version of Android 12. The new iteration of the green robot will debut in September and after that we can expect proprietary add-ons from different manufacturers based on Android 12. And then the race for leadership can win the Oppo.

One of the users decided to chat with the voice assistant Oppo Breeno and the idea came to his mind to ask when the announcement of Color OS 12. To his surprise, the assistant did not hesitate and gave a specific answer. He stated that a new version of the firmware should be released on September 13 at 15:00 Beijing time.

One could say that the voice assistant “came up with something and everyone took his chatter at face value,” but the trick is that Oppo very quickly “set the brains” of Breeno so that he did not talk too much. Now, on a similar question about the release time of ColorOS 12, he suggests keeping an eye on the announcements.

If the time of the release of the proprietary Oppo firmware is named correctly, then the stable version of Android 12 should be released earlier, before September 13. The twelfth iteration of the green robot is expected to debut from September 6 to 10. Given the close relationship with Oppo and the single codebase of the firmware, one can expect that OnePlus will not delay too much with the release of the shell on Android 12.

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