OPPO confirms that MagDart and MagVOOC share the same technology

Once again, Apple created a trend in the cell phone market by launching the iPhone 12 line. The cell phones were introduced in September last year and are compatible with MagSafe technology, which uses magnetism to correctly position wireless chargers and other accessories designed by the brand.

The accessories, of course, are officially compatible only with Apple’s latest devices, which has prompted Android phone companies to start developing their own alternatives.

The first of them was Realme, which presented the MagDart technology that, like the pioneer, allows you to attach chargers and cases magnetically to the back of cell phones. Before long, OPPO also announced its own version, which was dubbed MagVOOC.

The fact that they both belong to the same conglomerate — the BBK Electronics group — is no coincidence, and it has now been confirmed that MagDart and MagVOOC actually share the same resources. The information was shared by OPPO exclusively on the TechRadar portal. The Chinese explained, in a statement, that they share MagVOOC technology with Realme.

OPPO confirms that MagDart and MagVOOC share the same technology

This statement implies that OPPO was responsible for developing its own magnetic charging feature and that it shared the news with its “sister”, who created its own version, MagDart.

Although OPPO supposedly claims to create the “Android version of MagSafe”, the impression is that, in fact, it was the opposite. That’s because Realme announced MagDart technology just before OPPO came along with MagVOOC. Another point is that, at the time of launch, Realme made a similar statement and announced that the novelty could be used by any other manufacturer that could launch mobile phones with support for charging by magnetism.

Who created and who just used the technology, however, is beside the point. The fact is that the two companies, as well as other BBK group companies such as OnePlus and Vivo, are already known for sharing resources with each other, despite maintaining independent relationships — with the exception of OPPO and OnePlus, which have announced a merger in the last months.

In any case, we can expect that, in the future, MagDart and MagVOOC can benefit cell phones from other manufacturers, despite having been developed by Realme and OPPO, respectively.

Source: TechRadar

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