OPPO unveils its new hidden under-screen camera technology

OPPO under-screen camera

The Chinese technology company OPPO announced today its new technology for Android smartphones. This is the second generation of its “Under Screen Camera”, the camera – image sensor + lens – hidden under the screen panel.

The company claims to have combined its best hardware innovations with Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to leverage new camera technology. The result? A truly full-screen experience for next-gen Android smartphones.

OPPO wants to take the next step in the evolution of the mobile market

The Chinese manufacturer said its hidden camera solution under the screen will be able to preserve the integrity and consistency of content presentation across the screen. You can do this without interruptions, dark areas or imperfections in image quality. This with the screen on or off (standby).

To achieve this, OPPO claimed to have managed to break several barriers in existing technology until then, focusing mainly on the transmissibility of light through OLED screens. The result? The promise of a new era for Android smartphones.

OPPO also focused on the issues raised by existing under-the-screen camera solutions. More specifically, the inconsistency presented in the area under which the camera is present, which, until now, had a lack of brightness and quality of the image presented. In other words, an imperfection easily detectable with the naked eye.

The next step for OPPO’s Android smartphones

Below we can see a photographic sample provided by OPPO with its new implementation. Although some flare is visible at the top of the image – light ray – the representation of color, saturation and contrast are now at satisfactory levels.

This problem is caused by the obstruction of the camera by the display panel itself. Thus, by looking at the existing challenges, the company will be able to offer an improved implementation where the smartphone screen quality is substantially better.

To make good on its promises, OPPO demonstrated its new under-screen camera implementation on a test device, a working prototype. Then we can see an enlargement of the panel with the LEDs clearly visible and in whose right part we can see the semicircle under which the camera for the selfies will be present .

The prototype presented has several innovations, both in terms of the structure of the smartphone, and in terms of software with AI algorithms to improve the user experience.

Among the innovations themselves is a new screen geometry for the arrangement of individual pixels – the light cells.

In practice, each pixel has a reduced dimension, without its number being reduced. This maintains the density of 400 pixels per inch, even in the camera region.

By 2022 Android smartphones can have a truly full screen

OPPO under-screen camera

Additionally OPPO has replaced the traditional wiring for the display with a new transparent fastening material. The connection thus uses cables up to 50% thinner which helps to reduce the thickness of the screen itself.

Finally, AI algorithms and other software help to ensure the best fairness of the colors displayed by the screen. They will also help in managing the brightness of the panel, in addition to ensuring greater durability and useful life for the display.

Also, OPPO is expected to deploy this implementation on its next high-end Android smartphones for 2022.

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