Realme Note series is launching soon to compete with Redmi Note smartphones

Xiaomi is one of the world’s biggest smartphone makers, thanks in part to its cheap and good smartphones. These are equipments that we find mainly in the Redmi Note range and that, soon, will be the target of a replica by Realme.

Focusing on good features and low price, Realme will also create a range of products to directly rival Xiaomi’s Redmi Notes. This will be, in effect, the next step to be taken by the Chinese manufacturer that continues to grow in the market.

The Redmi Note line is one of the most popular within Xiaomi

The information was released today on the Internet, through the Weibo platform, where the new direction for Realme is pointed out. There are, in fact, several Android smartphones with a great price/quality ratio in this manufacturer’s portfolio, but in various ranges.

In fact, one of the suggestions made by users is the standardization and better organization of this brand’s products. Well, that’s precisely what Realme should do from now on, by grouping its smartphones into new ranges.

Among these, we will have a new line of Android smartphones to be created specifically to assert themselves against Xiaomi’s Redmi Note. For the average consumer this is good news, bringing more competition to the mobile market.

Realme wants to assert itself before Xiaomi Redmi Note

Several sources are now suggesting a replication of Xiaomi’s strategy within Redmi. Something that the OPPO sub-brand will do not only to help consumers understand and get to know their smartphone portfolio, but above all to impose themselves in the market.

The brand will have the same approach, maintaining the primacy of the price/quality ratio, but now in a more organized way. To do this, it will start with the next Realme Note 9 and Realme Note 9 Prime. Both terminals have already been seen on the Internet.

However, apart from the name of the new range – Realme Note – and the names of the smartphones, nothing else is known about the mobile devices in question.

Soon we will get to know Realme Note

Either way, it’s now just a matter of time before the new range of Realme Note smartphones is announced. There are some product certifications pointing in this direction, with the brand promising news soon on its social networks.

In summary, in addition to the Xiaomi Redmi Note, we will soon have the Realme Note. Finally, we hope that such a move will diversify the competition and bring more affordable and engaging mobile devices to the mobile market.

Is this a good strategy on the part of Realme? Replicate Xiaomi’s steps?

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