Realme UI 3.0 based on Android 12 will launch on October

After much uncertainty around the availability of Realme UI 3.0, the brand’s operating system that is based on Android 12, now has a release date, which will be given very soon.

In addition to the announcement of the realme GT Neo 2, the company decided to talk about the future of its user interface. Announcement that the premiere of its new firmware will be given sometime in October, but at the moment there is no exact date of when it will happen, but the good news is that it will be from next month.

Although the Chinese brand did not give details about the news that we will see in Realme UI 3.0, it is almost certain that it will be a version based on Android 12, so it will include many features of the Google system, but with some additions inspired by ColorOS and others. more than OxygenOS 12.

Realme is a company that has grown like foam in recent years, not for that reason it is located in the top 6 of the largest manufacturers in the world and it is the fourth largest manufacturer in China. The company’s plans are to sell at least 200 million units next year, and boy can it do it.

Realme sales

The latest data collected by Counterpoint are no joke: Realme, over three years, from Q3 2018 to Q2 2021, has experienced unprecedented growth in the smartphone sector, giving it the sixth position in the global ranking.

Starting as a small Chinese company, the road that led it to prominent brands on the international chessboard has seen it grow year by year due to the excellent quality / price ratio of its smartphones. Today Realme is a reference in more than 61 markets around the world and has entered the top 5 in over 18 of these markets, reaching the top spot in the Philippines and Bangladesh.

By carefully assessing the specific needs of consumers around the world, Realme has moved cautiously, also taking risks, refining business strategies and immediately aiming for the brand’s presence in the international arena. The brand is now one of the most important in the markets of Southeast Asia (India, Central Asia and South Africa) and is also pushing hard in the markets of Latin America and Europe.

The priority of its growth strategy also revolves around 5G where the share of its products equipped with fifth generation connectivity has grown from 8.8% in Q1 to 15.9% in Q2 2021. Sky Li , founder and CEO of Realme, announced that the company’s next goal is to ship more than 100 million smartphones by the end of 2022 and be able to match the same result in the calendar year of 2023.

Source: Realme

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