Virtual RAM: OPPO Find X2 has acquired an important technology

Source: CNet

Virtual RAM on smartphones is trending lately – many recently released smartphones, especially from OPPO, support virtual RAM. The virtual RAM feature uses the phone’s internal storage as RAM, providing flexibility and speed when you need it. The same feature has now been added to last year’s flagship smartphone OPPO Find X2. The main advantage of this solution, of course, is the ability to allocate more RAM so that the user can run more software in the background. Usually, even if the flagship has a lot of RAM, the user has to remove something from the background, or watch the application reload.

Source: Presse-citron

This technology completely relieves the smartphone user from the need to re-download any applications; because the system simply takes the missing RAM from the built-in memory. Of course, you need to understand that RAM is a priori faster than built-in memory; but in the case when you need to keep a game or an application of an impressive size in memory; this can really help. Another thing is that so far there are not so many smartphones supporting this technology – manufacturers are slowly introducing support for the function, since it is difficult to sell flagships with 16 GB of RAM if any smartphone can emulate this memory from the built-in storage. But OPPO Find X2 now has this technology and can safely use it.

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